You can expect that as a guest at Compagnoni Ferienwohnungen GmbH


  • JEach apartment has a firmly assigned housing supervisor, who is responsible for cleaning, laundry, the general condition of the apartment, welcome, billing (telephone, too much or too little paid guest tax) and the keys.

  • The apartment is clean, aired and the beds are made (unless the guest wishes otherwise).

  • There are enough (according to the apartment and the occupancy) blue garbage bags, toilet paper, detergent, taps for the dishwasher, kitchen towels (sponge, dishcloth, dishes and towel), bath towels (large and small bath towel, washcloths) available.

  • The mandatory on / off notification at Davos-Tourismus is done by us; the guest cards are filled in the apartment (various perks, free use of the local bus and in summer the free use of mountain railways).

  • The info sheet with the emergency telephone numbers (landlord, housing supervisor, important local numbers), guest feedback form and the Davos tourism weekly program are on.

  • The welcome of the guest takes place personally or at least by telephone within approx. 24 hours by the housing supervisor.

  • The guest feedback forms are evaluated and serve the desire to become even more "hospitable".

  • Alle erfassten Daten werden ausschliesslich nur zu internen Zwecken genutzt und Drittpersonen nicht zugänglich gemacht.

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